Build America Bureau targets community investment

The Build America Bureau is looking at plans to let communities actively invest in infrastructure projects in a bid to increase stakeholder engagement.

“We need to bring stakeholders on board, not just tell them what you’re doing, but to be involved from day one,” said the bureau’s executive director Morteza Farajian at the P3C conference in Dallas. “And also make them owners in the project.”

Farajian cited his research on crowdfunding in P3s and how communities can invest in P3 projects as owners: “It is possible, there are ways to do it,” he explained.

“Moving forward there is going to be a program similar to the DBE [Disadvantaged Business Enterprise] program but on the investor side,” he said. “So that small investors can be part of the solution, part of the project and support it.”

P3 Bulletin looked at the potential of crowdfunding to boost local buy-in to major P3 projects in an article published last year. To read it, click here.