Why Infrastructure?

Infrastructure is a critical foundation for much of our economic activity and social life. It’s no longer just about fixing our current problems, but future-proofing our communities to withstand uncertainties. We want to empower the changemakers that are trying to solve these problems by connecting them with investors like you.

How It Works

Today, investment in private companies leaves out 97% of the US population as potential investors. Of that lucky 3%, women and people of color are even more underrepresented. Our platform allows anyone to invest in infrastructure projects, regardless of wealth or social status, and gives people access to investments that align with their values and create long term impact.*

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Current Offerings

ESG Clean Energy


Preferred Equity Tax Advantaged Offering
506(c) Offering through Infrashares Capital LLC
Offering Size$5,000,000
Minimum Investment$25,000
Preferred Return9%
Renewable Energy

SDC Energy

SDSF Solar Fund IV

A bespoke renewable energy fund that invests in solar projects
506(c) Offering through Infrashares Capital LLC
Offering Size$5,000,000
Minimum Investment$25,000
Target ROI17%

Why invest in infrastructure?

Investing in infrastructure projects can potentially provide individual investors with returns that are inflation hedged and uncorrelated with the broader equities market. Investing in infrastructure also generates strong social returns through the improvement of transportation, water, communications and energy systems.

Looking to raise Capital?

If you are looking to raise capital through InfraShares, then please contact our origination team at capital@infrashares.com to discuss the process and options.

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