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Why Invest in Infrastructure?

As part of the built environment, infrastructure is a critical foundation for much of our economic activity and social life. It’s no longer just about fixing our current problems, but future-proofing our communities to withstand uncertainties. We want to empower the changemakers that are trying to solve these problems by connecting them with investors like you.

How It Works

Our platform allows anyone to invest in innovative projects and companies, regardless of wealth or social status, and gives people access to investments that align with their values and create long term impact through the development of public infrastructure.

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Current Offerings


STL Texas

Los Fresnos Wastewater Treatment
Reg CF Offering through InfraShares Inc.
Offering Size$250,000

Preferred Return20%
Renewable Energy

Alpine Pacific Inc

Project Moon

Hydro Electric Project
Reg CF Test The Waters Campaign
Offering Size$70,000

Target Yield10% Equity / 5% Debt
Renewable Energy

SDC Flamingo Bay

Flamingo Bay Apartments

Multifamily Development
Reg CF Test The Waters Campaign
Minimum Investment$25,000
Preferred Return10%
Workforce Housing

Alpine Pacific

Project Falling Water

500 kW Hydro Site in VA
Reg CF Test The Waters Campaign
Offering Size$200k (approx.)

Target Yield8%
Renewable Energy

American Infrastructure Group

AI Powered Drone Infrastructure Inspection

Artificial Intelligence
Reg CF Test The Waters Campaign

Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous CRE+

Cape Cod Joint Asset Model

Distributed Energy Development
Reg CF Test The Waters Campaign
Offering Size$450,000
Minimum Investment$1,000
Renewable Energy

NYTDA Logistics, Inc

Emissions Free Last Miles Delivery Highway

Clean Energy
Reg CF Test The Waters Campaign

Expected Rate Return22.5%
Clean Energy

Why invest in infrastructure?

Investing in infrastructure projects can promote the improvement of transportation, water, communications and energy systems.

Looking to raise Capital?

If you are looking to raise capital through InfraShares, then please contact our origination team at to discuss the process and options.

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