We make it possible for individuals to invest as little as $500 in companies that provide social, economic and environmental benefits through the development of Smart City technologies and projects.

Caution: Crowdfunding investments are speculative, illiquid and have a high degree of risk – including the entire loss of investment.

How It Works


InfraShares allows you to invest in companies that develop Smart City technologies and projects. Through our SEC-registered and FINRA member funding portal you can:

  • Discover companies that are raising capital online
  • Invest directly through our secure, easy to use site
  • Manage your investments from your investor dashboard
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Why invest in Smart Cities?

Cities play an extremely important role in the world today. As powerful engines of growth that account for significant amounts of global GDP, cities provide the networks and interactions that make us more creative and productive as a society, meaning they are crucial for economic development and wealth creation.

Looking to raise Capital?

If you are a smart city technology start-up or project developer looking to raise capital through InfraShares then please contact our origination team at capital@infrashares.com to discuss the process and options.

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Press and News


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