InfraShares is a crowdfunding platform that pools investment from individuals into large sums of development capital for critical infrastructure projects (roads, bridges, airports, mass transit, renewable energy and schools).

We make it possible for individuals to invest alongside large professional investors in infrastructure projects around the world and get the financial and social benefits of investing in infrastructure.

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  • Find infrastructure investment opportunities
  • Invest directly through our secure, easy to use site
  • Manage & track your investments from your investor dashboard


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Benefits of investing in infrastructure

Investing in true infrastructure assets can provide individual investors with strong financial returns that are inflation hedged and uncorrelated with the broader equities market.  Investing in infrastructure also generates strong social returns through the community benefits of improved roads, water systems and municipal buildings.

Looking to raise Capital?

If you are a project developer or infrastructure start-up looking to raise capital through InfraShares then please contact Brian Ross directly at to discuss the process and options.

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