Prince George’s County Public Schools


Project Update

The following update regarding PGCPS’s Blueprint Schools Phase II project is being provided to the public for informational purposes only. The information contained herein is representative of the current position of PGCPS regarding the project scope, requirements and procurement approach. All information is non-binding and is subject to change.
PGPCS will hold an Industry Forum open to all interested parties on October 21, 2022. The Forum will be held at Dr. Henry A. Wise High School, located at 12650 Brooke Lane in Upper Marlboro, MD from 1:00 to 3:00 EST.

I. Project Scope and Requirements

Project Scope: Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM) 4 elementary schools and 2 K-8 schools comprising approximately 860,000 GSF
Project Funding: $50M in Year 1 annual Availability Payment (AP) funding

        • o Any AP escalation will come from additional PGCPS contribution after Year
          o $15M from PGCP
          o $10M from Prince George’s County Government
          o $25M from State of Maryland
          o A “pre-paid” availability payment of between $25M – $50M is anticipated, but the final amount is still to be determined.

• Minimum Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Equity Investment: 20% of total equity investment

      • o MBE equity member must be certified by either Prince George’s County Government Supplier Development & Diversity Division (SDDD), Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), or the state of its incorporation at the time of final proposal submission

• Prince George’s County Residents Community Equity Investment: A public offering of 10% of the total equity investment

      • o The terms of the investment will be determined by the development team. The offering of the securities will be sold to Prince Georges County resident investors pursuant to applicable securities laws, such as Regulation Crowdfunding (“Reg CF”), where unaccredited investors are allowed to purchase securities through online platforms.
      • o Community equity investment will not count toward the separate MBE equity requirement of 20%
      • o If the full 10% cannot be raised through the public offering, the remaining amount must be offered to the MBE equity members as additional equity investment in the project. If the MBE equity members do not fund the remaining amount, the other equity members may then contribute additional equity to fulfill the entire equity requirement for the project.

• Minimum MBE and County-Based Business Subcontracting Requirement for Design-Build Phase: 30%
• Minimum MBE and County-Based Business Subcontracting Requirement for O&M Phase: 30%

II. Procurement Approach

A. Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Stage

• PGCPS will provide the following: RFQ, Memorandum of Understanding, a Term Sheet with threshold level Project Agreement (PA) terms, all site and technical due diligence materials, Draft Educational and Technical Specifications
• PGCPS intends to shortlist up to 3 teams to move to the RFP Phase
Anticipated Timing:
• October 21, 2022: Industry Forum
• Early November 2022: Release RFQ
• Late December 2023: RFQ responses due
• Late January 2023: Shortlist announced

Submission Requirements:
• Organizational structure and team to include:

      • o Equity Members; Lead Contractor; Lead Architect; Lead Maintenance Provider
      • o MBE Equity Member can be identified at either the RFQ or RFP stage and is not required to be exclusive
      • o Lead Maintenance Provider is not required to be exclusive

• Financial capacity information for key participants
• Relevant project experience for both firms and key individuals
• Approach to certain elements of the project (project management plan, MBE and CBB plans)
• Mark-up/comments to term sheet

B. Request for Proposals (RFP) Stage
• PGCPS will issue the RFP and Project Agreement, including all PA Exhibits
• There will be several opportunities for one-on-ones related to design and PA negotiation
• Proposers will submit technical and financial proposals, and a final proposer will be selected based on the best value
• A stipend is anticipated to be paid to each of the unsuccessful proposers
Anticipated Timing:
• Late January 2023: Release RFP to shortlisted proposers
• Early July 2023: Proposals due
• Mid-August 2023: Preferred proposer announced
• No later than Mid-February 2024: GMP and Commercial Close
• No later than June 1, 2024: Financial Close
Submission Requirements:
• Design Proposal: Specific design submissions for 3 prototype schools at a concept/schematic design level (to be finalized); 6 preliminary site development plans
• MBE and community equity investment plans
• MBE/CBB subcontracting plans
• Negotiated Project Agreement and Exhibits ready for execution with only the final financial figures to be populated
• Financial Proposal

      • o Guaranteed fixed pricing for all construction soft costs and all pre-development and development fees as well as miscellaneous service fees
      • o Hard Cost allowance that can be offered within the stated affordability limit
      • o GC provided indicative cost estimate of total hard costs based on design level at submission

• Negotiated interim agreement ready to be executed

C. Post Award Period
After award, the selected development team will work collaboratively and in an open book manner with PGCPS to advance the designs, obtain and review subcontractor bids, get a GMP on the hard costs and reach Commercial and Financial Close. The following timeline must be adhered to:
• GMP no later than March 15, 2024
• Financial Close no later than June 15, 2024

Any comments regarding this informational update can be provided in writing to Jason Washington at no later than October 3rd. Please note that PGCPS is not intending to respond to any comments or questions received. This document is not part of a formal procurement. PGCPS is not bound by anything contained within this memorandum and reserves the right to change any and all information.